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Early childhood is the most critical period in human growth and development, for it is the period when the foundation for learning is laid.  During these early years, learning experiences for children must be diverse, creative, and carefully planned based on sound principles of child development. 

Our philosophy is that young children learn best by doing.  Learning isn't just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn firsthand about the world we live in.

In keeping with this philosophy, we provide a loving and relaxed environment for children from ages 2½ ‑ 5 where they can grow and develop at their own rate, develop a positive self‑image, learn to handle their emotions in an appropriate way, act on their environment, develop a sense of personal responsibility, and learn to trust and care about those around them.

The most important goal of our program is to help children become enthusiastic learners. We encourage the children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts in order to become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners.


Providence III Preschool is not affiliated with any religious denomination.



Ashley S. Crutchfield


Cathy Wranek


Any of the above named individuals will be happy to discuss your child's progress. If you have any concerns regarding the operation of the preschool or the care your child is receiving, please refer them to Ashley Crutchfield.  If she is not immediately available, speak to Cathy Wranek.


            School Address:                                                Mailing Address:

Providence III Preschool

Providence III Preschool

300 Diamond Street

105 Bittersweet Road

Lexington, VA 24450

Lexington, VA 24450

Phone Numbers:

Providence III Preschool



Ashley S. Crutchfield

540-261-2069- Home

540-319-1443 - Cell


Required Fees:   Fees may be paid in one lump sum or may be divided into nine equal payments due no later than the fifth day of each month beginning in September and ending in May. A late fee of $20.00 will be applied if the payment is not submitted by the tenth day of the month.

Days Per Week

Annual Fee

Monthly Fee













Supply fee:   The above fees cover all educational supplies and snacks on a monthly basis. However, there is a one-time supply fee of $30.00 due at the beginning of the school year. Donations of supplies are always welcome.

Single day fee:  $20.00 per day. The single day fee is only for situations where unforeseeable circumstances result in the need to temporarily add days to your child's normal monthly schedule.

Refunds are not given for missed days. Tuition is to be paid in full for each of  the nine months.

There is a 5% discount for having multiple children attend.


Dates: Monday through Friday from September 5, 2017 to May 31,2018.

Times:    Monday through Friday:     9:00 a.m. to noon

Providence III Preschool will be closed on the following dates:

November 22– 24

Thanksgiving Break

December 21 - January 2

Christmas Break

January 15

February 19

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

President’s Day

March 26 – March 30

May 28


Spring Break

Memorial Day



Changing the child's normally scheduled days of attendance is not permitted.  Under exceptional circumstances and with the advance approval of the Owner/Director such changes may be made.

If you are interested in increasing the number of days your child attends each week for the remainder of the year, this will be permitted if there is space available. However, if you wish to add a day or days to the child's normal schedule because of a special circumstance, you must have the approval of the Owner/Director at least two days in advance and  a charge of $20.00 will be applied for each additional day.


Providence III will be open every scheduled day unless announced on WREL Radio.  At the discretion of the Owner/Director, Providence III may close during extreme weather conditions.  If a severe storm makes it necessary to close before noon you will be notified.  Providence III follows the Lexington City Schools schedule for snow closings. Providence III Preschool will also be closed if Lexington City Schools are opening 2 hours late. However, there may still be times that the Owner/Director makes the decision to close, regardless of what the city schools have decided. If so, you will receive a call from the Owner/Director that morning.  If you have doubts ‑ CALL.  No credit will be given for snow or emergency closings.


In order to be admitted, children must be between the ages of 2½ and 5 years.  In addition, children must be toilet trained to be eligible for admission. Pull ups are not acceptable; children must be fully toilet trained, needing minimal assistance from teachers. If your child is not toilet trained by the first day of school, they will be moved to the wait list and another child from the wait list will be offered admission.

Prior to enrollment, the following must be submitted for each child:

  • Providence III Preschool Application Form

  • Providence III Preschool Registration Form - Due before the first day of school

  • Documentation of immunizations - Due before the first day of school.

We must have this before the child can attend.  Either the current form used by the Department of Health or the Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Physical Examination and Immunization Certification can be used.  The report must include the dates immunizations were received and be signed by a physician, his/her designee, or an official of a local health department. The form must contain a statement (typed or handwritten) that the child is adequately immunized.

  • Documentation of a physical exam – Due the first day of school (or no later than one month after attendance)

The physical exam must be by or under the direction of a physician no more than thirty days after admission into the program. The Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Physical Examination and Immunization Certification must be completed.

  • Proof of identity and age (only for new students) - Due before the first day of school

This can be done by presenting one of the following: a) a certified copy of his/her birth certificate (original), b) a birth registration card, c) notification of birth (hospital, physician, or midwife record), d) a passport, or e) a copy of the placement agreement or other proof of the child’s identity from a child placing agency.  We are not required to keep the proof of his identity but the state requires that we document that we have viewed this information.


Normally, the daily schedule for Providence III Preschool is as follows:



9:00 – 9:15

Morning Welcome – calendar, weather, flag salute, songs, assign jobs for the day and discuss the activities for the day/weekly theme. 

9:15 - 9:30

Group activities focused on weekly theme or concept such as alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, science, music, etc.  Activities include daily reading and games. 

9:30 –10:00

Group art activity, as well as, self-selected activities such as play dough, coloring, easel painting, etc. 

10:00 - 10:30

10:30 - 10:45

10:45 – 11:00

Self-selected activities - blocks, child-size household items, crafts, educational toys, puzzles, play dough, books, table games, writing center, etc.

Clean up, toileting, washing hands.


11:00 - 11:15

11:15 – 11:45

Group activities -  discussions, books, flannel boards, songs, finger plays, recorded stories, rhythm and music activities, etc.

 Outside self-selected play (weather permitting)

11:45 – Noon

Closing circle - Book and story reading, songs, discussion, show and tell, etc.


Our state license only permits us to operate from 8:30 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday. As a consequence, we are not permitted to open our doors until 8:30 a.m. nor keep children in our care after noon. Only children who have signed up for early drop off will come at 8:30; our normal school day begins at 9:00 a.m.

Please be sure your child exits on the sidewalk side of the car, and that you hold his/her hand as you cross the street. When you arrive you should bring your child into the building, sign in on the Sign In/Out Sheet, and make sure a staff member knows that he/she has arrived.

At the end of the day you should come into the building to pick up your child.  Please sign out on the Sign In/Out Sheet and be sure to a staff member knows your child is leaving for the day.

Children will only be released to individuals you have designated, in writing, to do so.  If your child is to be picked up by an individual other than one you have designated, then a written note to that effect should accompany the child on that day and the person picking up the child should have some form of identification.

Please be prompt when you pick up your child.  A charge of $10.00 per child will be assessed for parents/guardians who are more than 20 minutes late in picking up their children.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, Providence III Preschool staff will be in contact with you to notify you of the situation and where you should pick up your child.


It is important that we communicate well and clearly for, and about, your child.

We will send you written progress reports twice during the year (January and May) to further help you understand your child’s socio/emotional, cognitive, and physical development, behavior, adjustment, and needs.  Furthermore, we encourage you to schedule a time to meet with our staff to discuss these progress reports and provide feedback on your child and our program.

If your child is having difficulty at Providence III or at home, or your family is experiencing illness or stress we would like to know about it.  Perhaps we can find a solution together.

Although arrival and departure time may be the most convenient time to discuss your concerns or your child's progress with the teachers, it is imperative that the teachers stay focused on the children during that time.  Please keep your conversations with teachers brief during those times and if you'd like to discuss things in more detail any of the teachers will be happy to arrange a time to speak with you in person or on the phone.

If you have ideas or suggestions about the program, we would love to hear them.  If you do not understand something, please discuss it with Ashley Crutchfield. 


Parents or guardians are welcome at any time (unless prohibited by the court.) 

NOTE:  Section 63.2-1813 of the Code of Virginia states that a custodial parent or guardian shall be admitted to any child day program. Such right of admission shall apply only while the child is in the child day program.


Providence III Preschool welcomes involvement of the children’s parents or guardians.  Many opportunities exist for parents or guardians to become involved, including sharing a special skill or talent, accompanying children on field trips, providing snacks and food for special celebrations, etc.  Any parents or guardians who are interested in helping in these ways should contact Ashley Crutchfield.


In order to promote the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being and growth, Providence III Preschool staff interact with the children and one another to provide needed help, comfort, support, and: a) respect for personal privacy, b) respect differences in cultural, ethnic, and family backgrounds, c) encourage decision-making abilities, d) promote ways of getting along, e) encourage independence and self-direction, and f) use consistency in applying expectations.

Providence III Preschool provides a consistently structured day for your child.  Part of the structure includes teaching the children manners appropriate for school.  All discipline is constructive in nature and includes techniques such as:

  • using limits that are fair, consistently applied, and appropriate and understandable for the child's level
  • providing children with reasons for limits
  • giving positively worded directions
  • modeling and redirecting children to acceptable behavior
  • helping children to constructively express their feelings and frustrations to resolve conflict
  • and arranging equipment, materials, activities, and schedules in a way that promotes acceptable behavior

When a child misbehaves we use a three-step correction process.


The child is redirected toward another activity.


The child is removed from the activity and has a one‑on‑one conference with a teacher regarding the behavior, including alternative behaviors the child might use the next time the situation occurs.


If the problem continues, communication between a member of the staff and the parents/guardians to discuss the problem.

Staff members will never use physical punishment such as striking or roughly handling a child, restricting movement through binding or tying, forcing a child to assume an uncomfortable position, using exercise as punishment, enclosing children in a small confined space or any space that the child cannot freely exit themselves, or applying unpleasant or harmful substances.  In addition, staff members will not verbally abuse children by using threats, making belittling remarks, or frightening or humiliating the child.  When disciplining a child, staff members will not force, withhold, or substitute food or punish a child for toileting accidents.  Children will never be punished by another child.


When students are transported in a vehicle all Virginia state statutes about safety belts and child restraints will be followed, children will remain seated and each child's arms, legs, and head will remain inside the vehicle, doors will be closed properly and locked, at least one staff member or the driver will remain in the vehicle when children are present.  All children must be in a car seat.

All children will enter and leave the vehicle from the curb side of the vehicle or in a protected parking area or driveway.  When crossing streets, children will be accompanied by an adult and will cross at corners, crosswalks or other designated safe crossing points.


 Parents/guardians will be notified of field trips at least three days in advance of the field trip.  Parents/guardians will be given the opportunity to withdraw their child from the field trip.  Because all staff will accompany children on field trips, those children who choose not to participate in the field trip may not attend preschool on days when field trips are taken (refunds will not be given). If you can help, please let us know what you would be willing to do and the times you are available.

Normally, we request parents drop off and pick up at the field trip location.


Providence III Preschool provides a snack each day for all children and we follow strict standards regarding health, nutrition and food service.  A menu listing of foods to be served for all snacks during the week will be posted in the classroom.

Special diets and allergies should be made known during registration.  Any dietary limitation preventing your child from having a USDA approved diet (such as an allergy to milk) must be accompanied by a physician's written statement.

On special occasions, such as the child's birthday, children may bring snacks for the entire class but, under the direction of health care officials we ask that these snacks be prepackaged or store bought.

When food is brought from home, the food container must be sealed and clearly dated and labeled to identify the owner.  Unused portions of opened food will be discarded by the end of the day or returned to the parent/guardian.  

During snack times, staff members will sit with the children when not serving food.


Children with contagious illnesses (fever over 100 degrees, recurrent vomiting or diarrhea, or a communicable disease (flu, pink eye, measles, head lice, etc.) may not attend Providence III Preschool until they are symptom‑free for 24 hours and/or present a physician's written note stating they are not contagious.

If a child needs to be excluded because of illness, parents/guardians will be notified by phone as soon as possible after the signs or symptoms are noticed.  Should a child become ill while at school parents/guardians will be expected to pick the child up promptly.

Parents/guardians should notify a staff member if a child has a contagious illness.  Parents/guardians must inform Providence III Preschool within 24 hours or the next business day after their child or any member of the immediate household has developed any reportable communicable diseases, as defined by the State Board of Health, except for life threatening diseases which must be reported immediately. If your child has had a reportable communicable disease, you may be asked to present a note from a physician saying it is ok for the child to return to school.

If children have been exposed to a communicable disease listed in the Department of Health’s current communicable disease chart while at Providence III Preschool, parents/guardians will be notified within 24 hours or the next business day after we’ve been informed unless forbidden by law, except for life threatening diseases, which will be reported immediately.

No credit or make‑up days are given for absences due to illness.


Children's hands will be washed with soap and water before eating snacks, after toileting, and after any contact with body fluids.  All staff will wash their hands with soap or germicidal cleansing agent and water after helping a child with toileting, after the staff member uses the toilet, after any contact with body fluids, and before feeding or helping children with feeding.  Whenever any surface has been contaminated with body fluids it will be cleaned and sanitized.


Providence III Preschool will have a staff member trained in administering prescription, non-prescription and over the counter medications. However, Providence III Preschool prefers to only administer medication if absolutely necessary during the operating hours of the program and/or in the event of an emergency.

Staff members will administer medication only with the written authorization of the child's parent/guardian.  The parent’s authorization for medication shall expire or be renewed after 10 working days.  In the case of long-term use of medication, written authorization of the child’s parent/guardian and physician is required and must be renewed every six months.  All medication must be labeled with the child's name, the name of the medication, the dosage amount, and the time or times to be given.  All medication must be in the original container with the prescription label or direction label attached. 

All medicine must be handed to a staff member.  It will be locked out of the reach of children.

Medication will be returned to parents/guardians as soon as the medication is no longer being administered.  When an authorization for medication expires, the parent/guardian will be notified that the medication needs to be picked up within 14 days, or the parent must renew the authorization.  Medications that are not picked up by the parent/guardian within 14 days will be disposed of by either dissolving the medication down the sink or flushing it down the toilet.

Staff members will inform parents immediately of any adverse reactions to medication administered or any medication error.


Providence III Preschool staff members do not apply sunscreen or insect repellent.  If desired, parents or guardians should apply them prior to coming to school.


Providence III Preschool carries accident insurance for your child while they are in our care.

At least one staff member, who is trained in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and rescue breathing, will be on the premises during the preschool's hours of operation and on all field trips.

In the event of an emergency requiring immediate medical care, the staff will either call the Rescue Squad or transport the child to the nearest hospital.  Every effort will be made to notify you or your designated emergency contact as soon as possible.

At the end of each year, we review all accident reports and make appropriate changes to our program to ensure the safety of the children.


If a child is missing from Providence III Preschool, staff members report the missing child to the Owner/Administrator.  The staff checks in and around the building, and if the child is not found, the police are immediately called.  The parents are then called.  All such incidents are documented by the staff.


In the event of an emergency, staff will immediately call 911 to report the situation.  A staff member will listen to the radio and follow instructions from emergency personnel. Providence III Preschool has an Emergency Preparedness Plan that includes an evacuation plan and a shelter-in-place plan.  In the event of an emergency requiring an evacuation of the building, children will be evacuated to the Lylburn Downing Middle School gymnasium.  In the event of an emergency (e.g., tornado) requiring children to stay inside the building (shelter-in-place), children will be taken to the control room on the ground floor.

After all children are accounted for and safe, the Owner/Director or Teacher will contact the parents by cell phone and/or school phone.   A message will also be sent to local radio stations FM 96.7 and AM 1450.

If the routes of transportation to Providence III Preschool are cut off, the children will be kept at the preschool until the routes are passable.

A copy of the Comprehensive Evacuation Plan can be viewed in the Owner/Director’s Office.


Please do not bring your child's personal toys or books to school (except on show and tell days - once per month).


Your child should be dressed casually in seasonally appropriate clothing and in rubber‑soled, well fitting shoes.  We play in dirt and sand, use finger‑paints, water colors and glue.  Stains are common; please don't let good clothes be ruined.

An extra set of clothing for each child should be stored at school. All clothing should be labeled.

During winter months ‑ each child will need warm coats/jackets, hats, and mittens.  We go outside for fresh air most every day, weather permitting.


In the event that you need to withdraw your child from the preschool, a minimum of one month's notice is required.  Failure to provide such notice will result in a charge for the month.

In the event that a child requires more attention than we can provide and still maintain a quality experience for all involved, Providence III Preschool reserves the right to refuse and/or terminate the enrollment of any such child.   Parents/guardians will be informed of the reasons for termination.  Providence III will make every effort to extend the same one-month's notice we have requested of parents/guardians, but if we believe the safety of children and/or staff is in jeopardy, we reserve the right to remove the child, effective immediately.  In these circumstances we will return a prorated percentage of the month's tuition.

We will, of course, communicate our concerns as they arise and do what we can to assist the parents/guardians in finding appropriate help and/or child-care.

Parents/guardians are also expected to support the procedures and regulations as well.  Providence III Preschool is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Social Services.  All of our standards, rules, policies and procedures are designed to insure that our activities, services, and facilities are conducive to your child's well‑being.  Your cooperation with our policies and procedures is important in order to maximize the quality of care your child receives.  If a parent is unable to support and cooperate with our policies and procedures, we reserve the right to refuse service.  Examples of such behaviors include, but are not limited to, habitual tardiness on departure and failure to pay fees in a timely fashion.


Staff members are required by law to report suspicion of child abuse or neglect to the Protective Services Unit of the Department of Social Services.


Information about the licensing of Child Day Programs by the Department of Social Services can be found in Appendix 1.


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