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Owner/Director:  Ashley Crutchfield

School Address:  300 Diamond Street Lexington, Va.

Mailing Address:  105 Bittersweet Road Lexington, Va.

Phone Numbers:  540- 319-1443 (Primary)

For more information please call or e-mail me at

I would be happy to provide information, answer any questions about the  program and schedule a tour of the school. We look forward to hearing  from you! 

Ashley Crutchfield
Ashley Crutchfield
Cathy Wranek
Cathy Wranek

"Providence has been such a wonderful experience for both of our children. The teachers are like family. The love at Providence envelops the whole family because they care about our kids, our families, and our community."

"We love and appreciate everything that Providence stands for. We are thankful for all of the time and planning each day ensuring so much fun and education into every lesson, and especially Ms. Ashley and Ms. Cathy for always going above and beyond. Our daughter is fully prepared for Kindergarten. She looked forward to school every day and she developed a love of learning. I recommend Providence hands down every time to parents looking for the perfect preschool for their child. They are like family and we will miss everything about it.