Additional Information:

 Programs are  available on a 2, 3, 4 or 5 day basis for children ages 2 1/2 to  5. Children must be toilet trained to be eligible for admission.

Activities and lessons at Providence III are planned according to sound  principles of child development and designed to prepare children for  Kindergarten. We maintain contact with local teachers to ensure that we  are up to date with the specific requirements expected of rising  Kindergartners.

At the start of each month parents recieve a newsletter informing you of  the topics and activities we will focus on during the following month  so you can supplement and/or reinforce at home the topics we cover in  school. I'll also keep you posted of any special activities, field trips  or celebrations during each month.  At the end of the month parents can  view pictures of their children in the classroom on a private  Shutterfly share site.

All of our lessons and daily activities incorporate the following areas of child development:

Cognitive:  Skills to foster the children's ability to problem solve, think creatively and enhance early language skills. We  expose the children to a wide variety of areas such as science, math,  reading/pre-writing and fine arts. We use real world and hands on  methods to teach them how each of these areas applies to the world they  live in.

Physical:  Assist children in developing both their fine and gross motor skills.

Socio-emotional - Help the children to feel comfortable at the  program, develop a sense of trust, independence and belonging. We also  focus on other socialization skills such as understanding relationships,  sharing, taking turns, etc.

More specific areas/activities are as follows:

We focus on a different letter of the week throughout the year. While we  do focus on each letter separately, we also utilize a comprehensive  approach by incorporating other very important pre-literacy skills and  activities daily. These activities include things such as: phonemic  awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, rhyming and comprehension. We  strive to provide early language experiences through reading and  conversation. We aim to broaden vocabulary, expose the children to a  variety of different types of print, and facilitate and encourage  writing and creativity.

As young children explore their environment, they are beginning to  notice relationships that are the foundations for mathematics. We teach them how to sort and  match things that are the same or different, arrange things in simple patterns, based on their characteristics and begin to understand the  meaning of words and phrases like "more," "less," "a lot," and "the same  as."  We use measurement to describe,  compare, and order things, using both unconventional tools (popsicle  sticks, blocks, and counting bears) or conventional tools (like rulers  and measuring cups). They learn to recognize numbers, symbols and  shapes, as well as develop counting skills.

Young children love to experiment and test things. We teach them to use  science processes such as observing, classifying, experimenting,  predicting, drawing conclusions, and communicating their ideas to  others. We do this by providing hands-on materials and  multisensory experiences that build on children's discoveries and help  them develop the skills associated with scientific thinking.  

We foster the development of fine motor skills by providing  opportunities to do things such as: cutting, gluing, copying, tracing  and developing the correct pencil grip. Some examples of large motor  activities include: running, skipping, tossing, catching, and balancing.  

Art and Music:
Art is a part of our daily routine at Providence III. The children take  part in structured or planned art activities while having the option to  choose from a variety of different mediums to create independently.  Music and rhythm activities, as well as songs and fingerplays are also a  part of our daily routine. 


"This is the fourth preschool that my son has been to, and definitely the last. We love everything the school offers, especially the committed teachers who have really transformed my son. We are so fortunate to have Providence III Preschool in our community!"